Cinnamon is a 2 year old orange cat that lives in the Citadel. She enjoys running around the Throne Room and brushing herself against guests. Mr. Left and this cat adore meowing at each other, and play with the many toys she owns. If the room becomes too loud or rowdy, she will move to the outside front steps. This cat tends to climb the marble columns in the Throne Room with ease and, as most cats, has a passion for heights. She has a tiger striped scarf, and does not currently carry any weapon. Cinnamon loves every member that joins, and cuddles with and cares for them all. Her favorite place to rest is on Sheepy's hips, therefore she usually sleeps in her room.


Cinnamon is one of the only few remaining cats in the world. She has an incredible survival instinct, and has knowledge that zombies are predators. Technically, this cat is half robot, as her lower cartilage and the three of the bones in her legs have been replaced by metal rods. This was due to an explosive strike that hit her, but she surprisingly survived. It is unknown who had fixed her to have these new limbs. Cinnamon is very playful, and loves to climbs up the pants of the members. The Scarf Heroes have a large enough supply of cat food to last her lifetime.


  • Joey thought a cat should be part of the group, and thought up the name from drinking cinnamon coffee.
  • This cat enjoys perching on the shoulders of the members.
  • Cinnamon has no combat efficiency whatsoever, but does have effective maneuvering and eluding.
  • Her robotic limbs allow for increased height and speed. Her fourth limb does need rest however after a while.
  • The orange on her scarf is slightly different from the color of her fur to distinguish them better.
  • This cat tends to meow a lot, and loves to be social around others.