Justice is a silver broadsword with magnetic abilities that allow it to have a boomerang-like effect when thrown. It has so much power built within it, it can easily burst into flames that can melt away anything organic even before impact, with the wielder only being protected by a special form of armor. This is one of the few weapons that does not use ammunition entirely. However, it can be thrown and returned without harming the owner. This weapon in combination with the police riot shield Faithful is effectively balanced in both offense and defense.

Joey has it sheathed on his back at all times, and used to have the Messiah holstered at his hip.


Joey crafted this sword himself, as he believes any weapon should be designed and attuned to the user's capabilities and traits. He planned out and retrieved the materials needed to create it himself. He ventured into very dangerous areas, and has been adventuring for quite awhile. He knew of the dangers and brought his previous weapon; Messiah, which was a .357 magnum revolver. With it, he was swift and had thousands of rounds to still use. Unfortunately, it was smashed to pieces by an unknown enemy. He still has the broken parts, and the ammunition it requires. It too, was composed of silver and titanium.


Justice is a lightweight sword composed with a silver blade, measuring 45 inches (114.3 cm). It comprises with a titanium alloy hilt, and fueled by an emerald with mysterious magnetic power. The blade is cut with precision so that it may have a wide swoop to slice multiple enemies, effectively boosting its combat capabilities against the Faded, yet loses range.

Traits & Abilities

Typical silver swords are lightweight, and are known to be associated and effective against the undead. This will be most useful against the Faded in the Old World. He has not discovered if Justice has this particular ability, but does believe the dead should remain dead, so that their corpse and soul roam freely. Its owner can surf on top of it as it spins and hovers all while chopping through enemies. As for the handle and grip, it is composed of titanium, as that material is known to be a strong material with a low density. It is also ductile, lustrous and metallic-white in color. Finally, on the bottom on the sword lies an emerald, this is believed to be what gives the magnetic properties of the blade as it glows a glowing verdant when thrown.


  • Joey named his sword Justice as he believes immensely in law and order.
  • ​The reason for the weapon was his passion in knightlyhood.
  • He can maneuver the sword perfectly with spinning and throwing tactics.
  • It perfectly accommodates his body size and weight.
  • He can actually use this weapon as a means of transportation as well.
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