The Marketplace is one of the many locations that will be featured in the Scarf Heroes Anime. It consists of many booths selling fresh produce. Each of the four Farmland sectors owns the majority of the booths, with a few exceptions. These few offer auctions to specialized goods, and others selling low quality weaponry. The Marketplace gets taxed 40% of all profits to the Bard, which he does not necessarily use to give back to the community. It is located in the Commercial Area, but is mainly south near the Main Gate.


This commercialized sector was established even before the surrounding walls were built. Stalls were constructed when Crestfall was a suburban town, and grew into a renown trading center. Despite the stress of serving aggravated customers, most citizens strive to earn a career in the Marketplace, due to its free housing and slightly increased salaries. The parents of Janet Schutzengel worked as stall sales people before she was born.


The Marketplace is the only source to purchase sustainable food, unless one lives in an establishment that continually serves the residents such as those that reside in the surrounding apartments. The prices tend to increase or decrease with how much the crops have produced. Typically, considering the sky is clouded in smog and the sun is very rarely shining through it, there is rarely an abundance in food. The fruit and vegetables are always irradiated because of the soils they were tended in. This never seems to affect the citizens of Crestfall because most, if not all are unaffected to radiation in terms of breathing and digesting.


  • The Marketplace is settled upon the Highway.
  • All residents that live in the Residential Areas purchase their food from here.
  • It is a stable market thanks to the techniques performed by the farmers.
  • There are only a few types of fresh produce remaining.
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