The Old City is one of the featured locations that will be in the Scarf Heroes Anime. It is a heavily industrialized commercial area that was one of the most successful in economic growth before the nuclear warfare occurred. It had a population of 2.3 million citizens and the grand majority of them are now infesting the area as Zombies. Most of the structures are skyscrapers, many of them knocked down and creating many blockades. This makes it very hard for survivors or scavengers to navigate around. Many Zombies are very compelled to fluctuate towards Crestfall, as it has gloomy lights and has a large population of humans. Considering the Old City itself was the target from nuclear weaponry, it has much higher levels of radiation. Any survivors tend to house themselves underground, and the subway station is perfect for this. It is also a way to enter and exit the city, and is the solution to navigating safely from the Zombies. However, it also is the main location where most uncivilized people lurk, who are constantly in search of drugs.


It is the main area to scavenge for pre-war goods such as weaponry, technology, and knowledge. It is also considered the most dangerous place to be, so mercenaries that seek these treasures need to equip themselves and have a trustworthy team. Many of these men tend to socialize and plan at the Stripe Club. Many have asked Sheepy to venture out with them, not only for her skill, but to also boost morality with her good looks and rebellious leadership. The main protagonist Alyssa grew up in this city with her family as well, but sadly they were captured by uncivilized people and assumed to be killed.


  • The Crestfall Police Headquarters wants to take action to clear out the Zombies to allow open trade routes, but the government absolutely refuses that ideology.
  • There are very few open streets without rubble.
  • Any standing structures are highly unstable.
  • Sheepy's on both sides when thinking about leaving the walls. She wants to venture beyond, but she's unsure and afraid.
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