The Honorary Rank is the biggest honor that a Scarf Hero can be given. It is the highest and most respected rank of them all. Officials are near the same but a honorary is just a small notch above.

For this rank, edit count does not matter. What counts here is trust, dedication, kindness, and respect. For a user to earn this rank they must be a dedicated user, willing to help anyone in need, and be a true definition of a Scarf Hero.


  • The Scarf Hero must vow to follow the Honor code to the very best of their abilities, both on the internet and in the real world the most important part to be followed are rules numbers, 1. 2. 9. and 10. The person must also be confidant that they can live up to the expectation.
  • The Scarf Hero must already be an Official rank.
  • The Scarf Hero must wish to be an Honorary, another Honorary may suggest, encourage and give permission to make the nomination but the candidate must make the nomination them self. This is to show the candidates determination to join up.
  • Any other Honorary's as well as King and Queen must be unanimous in the discussion for the new member to rank up.

Important notes

Stepping down from this rank can NEVER be taken back, even if it was because they broke the honor code and are choosing to step down because of that. Depending on the severity of breaking the honor code, you will either be stripped of the rank entirely forever (ex. Breaking code rules 9. and 10.) or you will be simply helped through redeeming your lost honor.(ex. breaking rules 1. 2. or any others that are not mentioned here.)


By becoming an honorary you become part of Scarf Heroes staff, this means you will get a chat icon, and be able to participate in Scarf Hero staff meetings. This does not mean you get chat mod or admin powers, but being an Honorary will put you in a good position to possibly become one at some point.

Current Honoraries

Majora mii