Sasha is a member of the Crows, and she will be a confirmed character in the Scarf Heroes Anime. She is best known to be swift and deadly with her dual Sub-Machine Guns. She has a distaste for people, and would prefer if everyone in the world was part of the Faded. Sasha is the best at following orders and has knowledge of what must be done in the betterment of the group. She judges others very harshly and does not tolerate anything or anyone who dares get in her way.


Sasha arrived from the West into the Old City. She has been wandering alone her entire life since she was a toddler.. Due to the circumstances, she never had a childhood, which was the mold for her personality. Eventually she met her only friend, Carly Aine, and because they were complete opposites, they fought very frequently.

One day in the Old City, before they dared to enter the Metro Tunnels, Sasha finally snapped. Carly was trying to be friendly, but this time when Sasha pushed her away, Carly made a remark about her family:

"What was that for?! Didn't anyone ever teach you manners? I doubt THAT." - Carly.
As Carly was walking away, Sasha quickly pulled up her Sub-Machine Guns and did a quick fire burst toward her. Some bullets landed into Carly's upper right shoulder blade. Luckily, considering Carly is very proficient in medicine, she healed entirely after a few weeks.


Sasha is a very audacious, bold, cheeky, and impertinent individual. She can be very rude and disrespectful if someone is in disagreement or if she gets any kind of stress. She never had a childhood or any parents that have taught her morals or lessons, therefore Sasha was self-taught. While she is very loyal to the group, one of her traits is being stubborn to other members unless it is Kevin.


  • This character was inspired by Suki from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • She is the complete opposite of Carly.
  • She wishes she could destroy Crestfall using the Liberator Tank.
  • She has the same stamina as Carly, but has a lesser moveset.
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