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No.1 JeepyLogo (Joey and Sheepy)

Summary:  This couple got together on 12/07/2014.


What we think:

Old Summary~ THEY'VE BEEN AROUND FOREVER! >W< They always stick up for each other and blend so perfectly, like the perfect puzzle pieces. They always have fun together, from watching YouTube videos together to mocking each other for goofs and gaffs. Their emotional connection couldn't be stronger, and Joey will always show his love and care for Sheeps. (And her hips, like wow. He will make it rain for dem gosh darn hips.)

No.2 IsalynnLogo (Isa and Caulynn)

Summary:  This couple got together on 05/15/2015.

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What we think:

Old Summary~ Well... the ship sailed ages ago, but still. Dis ship is kawaii. <3 There were small hints of it in the beginning, with the two being good friends and stuff... AND both secretly harbored mutual feelings for each other even before the confessions. Now it's blossomed into something cute and beautiful~. They're a perfect match, are always there for each other, and even share some similar interests. Too cute~


Isa x Esther (Isther/Estha)

Sasha x Carly (Sashly/Carla)