The Scarf Heroes Anime had begun as an idea that had come to mind since November 2014. When the Scarf Heroes group was fully established in early 2015, the dream goal setting was for the group to develop their very own anime filled with characters designed by each member. This production is still planned to transpire and continue to be worked on until it is published.

The Scarf Heroes Anime will be an action-adventure dramatic thriller in which many lives are lost, many sacrifices are made, and many tears are shed. It will signify true friendship, comradery, and teamwork to survive the many horrors and obstacles in life.


The plot involves a teenage girl named Alyssa in a futuristic post-apocalyptic setting filled with an overwhelming amount of undead. She aspired to enter a safe haven named Crestfall, and finally abandons her old home in the Old City to venture there. As the story progresses she meets her friends and establishes the Scarf Heroes group as each of these friends strangely wearing and owning their very own unique scarf, including herself. They all have unique weaponry to combat the oppressing forces of darkness and corruption, all whilst supporting one another along the way.

The main protagonist has a personal goal to find her father once again, whom she had lost at the age of 6 within the Old City filled with Faded, and Mortimer Bank Co. and their army of Fading.

Thematic elements would include drama, action, and thriller. Tension between characters will be an ongoing priority.


If the Scarf Heroes name grows into something that has financial growth, such as the selling of merchandise, the majority of profits will go to charity. This is to advocate the many struggles people can go through, such as depression or anxiety. It is to also promote well-being of others, and to have a sense of contribution and accomplishment. However, this may take a very long time to happen as it takes professionals to develop a large production such as this.


  • The personality of the character Alyssa was inspired from Weiss Schnee in RWBY.[1]
    • The weapon owned by Alyssa, the Trillaryllis, was inspired off the weapon owned by Ruby Rose, the Crescent Rose.[2]


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