Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), this page will answer the many common questions the Scarf Heroes tend to receive on a daily basis. While this Wiki heavily displays the Scarf Heroes members and their characters within the lore, any user is welcome to chat and be helped with social issues, etc.

Q: What are Scarf Heroes?

A: Scarf Heroes are a group of friends willing to help make a positive difference in the lives of others. So long as these members receive kindness and genuine respect, they will do anything they can to help your every social need.

The Scarf Heroes characters are young people living in a post-apocalyptic world. They endure countless dramatic scenarios involving incredible fights with zombie hordes, battling evil and corruption, all while supporting one another throughout those difficult times.

Q: What do Scarf Heroes even do?

A: Scarf Heroes help others! If anyone needs a hand to endure their daily struggles, we will represent that support in a social manner. The group is not psychologically professional in doing this, however one of the members is currently enrolled in collegial psychology courses and can provide peer-reviewed documents and information. The general idea is to be a friend for those that may feel depressed, lonely, outcasted, strange, or otherwise. 

We have also established the Scarf Foundation. A non-profit organization to help users donate to a cause by the choice of the community. 100% of these profits are allocated to those charities unless specified by the donor.

Q: Why do Scarf Heroes wear different colored scarves?

A: Scarf Heroes wear different colored scarves to feel genuinely unique, to feel a part of a community or something big, and those colors are generally flexible so these members can choose their favorite. It also helps organize the dozens of users to be recognized or distinguished by their respective color.

Q: Why is there so much drama?

A: Considering this group revolves around helping people and solving their problems socially, there can be a large amount of outbursts in that regard. Users tend to burst from their stress and emotion, and typically cause a dramatic scene to gain attention to themselves, a cry for help if you will. Depending on the situation, Scarf Heroes Staff members will assess the situation, and enforce our Wiki Policies if need be.

Q: Why do the Scarf Heroes receive so much hate?

A: The Scarf Heroes receive hate for several reasons. Some believe that certain members do not follow what the group is all about, others simply disagree with the Wiki Policies set in place. Many enjoy pointing out the flaws of certain members, such as their past. The group accepts any form of criticism so long as it is formally written, and is sent appropriately.

Q: How did the Scarf Heroes group came to be?

A: Initially, the Scarf Heroes name was not even the same. The name of the group was first called "Scarf Buddies" by Hikaru and Alyssa. The goal of helping others was also not yet established at that time. It was simply a rather cute saying between friends because of their love for wearing scarves. It was popularized on the social media Miiverse made by Nintendo, and people have been joining ever since.

Q: How do you structure the group?

A: The group is structured in a Monarchy-Democracy system. The Ranking System was put in place to allow users to actually feel as though they are contributing to something, and to be promoted for their dedicated work. Perks are received by being promoted, such as Wiki username colors, tags, etc. All members have a say in making a positive change to the community, as there are always Wiki Community Discussions in the Scarf Heroes Forums. Elitism is NOT the intention of this established structure in running things.

Q: Are you guys making an anime?

A: That is the dream goal of the group. It is not a priority, as we have smaller productions in mind before considering this one. However, we are slowly working our way in producing a fully professional anime, Scarf Heroes Anime. Our work thus far includes the script and lore. The plan is to grow a fanbase via our YouTube channel, and with their support, we will work our way further to our dream. For business inquiries, contact

Q: How do I register to become a Scarf Hero?

A: Registration is closed at this time. Any questions or comments? Contact any Bureaucrat or Admin on this Wiki, and they will be happy to help.

Have an excellent time here, and there will be more to be added soon!