Detective Heroes.

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One night, everyone was having a peaceful time in the Throne Room, laughing, talking, as usual. Then, 3 anonymous people entered the Throne Room, looking like mascots. Mascots such as "Ronald McDonald", "Chester the Cheetah", and "Chuck E. Cheese". It was unknown what their motives were, and they were far too shady.

They were just hanging out, occasionally mildly trolling or just typing short words. Isa and a few others, such as Caulynn and Masked-man mother, tried to figure out who was behind these mascots. After several minutes of sitting around and discussing theories, they decided to test some of them. Caulynn began escorting or banishing the mascots out of the Throne Room one by one, to rid them of the room as they discussed.

Isa suspected Tigerplanet, who was in both the Throne Room and LMR chat. She escorted him out of the Throne Room as he was half asleep, hoping he would come back to prove his innocence. Isa's theory proved wrong, with Tigerplanet coming back, removing himself from the suspect list.

Then three and a couple more users pondered over who was behind these. Bored and with the idea in his head, Caulynn decided to make another entire wiki called "Detective Heroes." He later deemed it trash, asking for someone to adopt the ownership of it, with Masked-man mother gladly obliging.

After more thinking about who the mysterious puppeteer behind these mascots, they eventually gave up as Caulynn showed everyone a video on hot pockets, completely flinging the investigation off with everyone's eyes glued to it. Masked-man mother eventually started a conversation about banging hot pockets and other foods such as omelets, so the investigation really went nowhere the rest of the night, resulting in everyone being unable to identify the culprit of the mascot users.


  • The mascots were never seen again after Caulynn banished them all from the Throne Room and a user called Exonus banned the mascots from Le Miiverse Resource's territory as well.
  • The person behind the mascots was never found.
  • A few memorable Scarf Heroes quotes were born from this situation.
  • Throne Room guards Isa and Caulynn stood watch for any sign of the mascots until they decided to call it a day.