The Mortification is a very large sword, similar to the Buster Sword from the Final Fantasy series. It has a worn out gold and copper tint and has the ability to instantly obliterate any biological matter in one hit. This weapon is owned by the Scarf Thief, which it spawns if cornered. It is very withered and looks to have been used very frequently without repair. The strength and power mixed with the Scarf Thief's quick teleportation and dexterity creates an unfathomable and very dangerous foe. However, the scarf has a strong significance and importance to the Scarf Heroes, which means certain members would surely take the chance in a fight despite the weapon. The Mortification is typically used to slash at enemies, rather than to stab.


It is unknown if the Scarf Thief stole this blade itself or built it on their own. Many legends assume that the Mortification has been passed down by other shadowy figures, possibly ancestors.


It has that gold and copper tint, however the actual blade is made out of condensed obsidian and appears unbreakable. When the weapon is spawned, it brutally hurts the wielder. If whomever wields it did not have knowledge of this effect, the individual would most likely be wounded and incapacitated. The sword weighs 4,021 pounds, which is the average weight of a car.


  • The possession of this weapon would instantly lead to fame and fortune.
  • The name of the blade is very symbolic and can be represented in many ways.
  • It is suggested that it continually harm both the foe and the wielder if struck.
  • The only knowledge of this weapon are legends told by historians.
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