Whackas are creatures that burrow themselves in the ground. They are blue and appreciate life. Sadly, the species is almost extinct due to people wanting to kill them for their valuable Whacka Bumps. To gain this product, one must smash the head of these creatures, causing internal bleeding and memory loss. They will likely not appear in the Scarf Heroes Anime due to copyright infringement.

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Whacka vector by glitchmaster7-d5z0ndx
Once Joey had found out about the rest about the endangered creatures and have shown their appearance and personality, the Scarf Heroes immediately had made a decision on the matter. They will now protect, and research abilities to summon Whackas to help when the population grows back to a sustainable size. This will also result in lowering the value of Whacka Bumps, which is a luxury delight that most hunters seek to sell and trade, regardless in the state they're in.


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Whackas fight back!

Whackas are blue and appear similar to the Pokémon Diglet. They have an adorable kitten-like face and act as though they are unaware of the tragic downfall of their own species and seem optimistic. Both their appearance and gleeful outlook will certainly help the Scarf Heroes, their only goal currently is to save as many Whackas as possible, and later to find combat capabilities they might poccess.


  • In Spanish, Whackas are called Guakas.
  • In Japanese, Whackas are called Koburons.
  • In French, Whackas have the same name.
  • Whacka is featured on a Catch Card in Super Paper Mario.
  • It is unknown as to what the creature looks like below its head.
  • Scarf Heroes plan on giving Whackas scarves to label them as "rescued."
  • A character Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door claims there is only one Whacka left in the world. This may be false, however, as a Whacka appears in Super Paper Mario and multiple appear in Mario Party 6.